Question: Who sings I’m dreaming of a white Christmas?

Who is the lady who sings White Christmas with Bing Crosby?

In Holiday Inn, the composition won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1942. In the film, Crosby sings “White Christmas” as a duet with actress Marjorie Reynolds, though her voice was dubbed by Martha Mears.

What black group sang I’m dreaming of a White Christmas?

While on tour in 1953, McPhatter asked Pinkney to write an arrangement of “White Christmas” for the Drifters. … In February 1954, the Drifters recorded “White Christmas,” which was released that November. While the song became a No. 5 R&B hit in 1954, its popularity remained in the black community.

Did Vera-Ellen actually sing in White Christmas?

7) Vera-Ellen didn’t actually sing any of the songs. When the character Judy Haynes sings, you’re actually hearing Rosemary Clooney or singer Trudy Stevens. The only time Vera’s real singing voice is heard is when they disembark the train in Vermont and the quartet sing the opening lines of “Snow.”

Does Bing Crosby have a daughter?

Personal life. Mary Frances Crosby was born on September 14, 1959, in Los Angeles, California, the only daughter of singer and actor Bing Crosby from his second marriage to actress Kathryn Grant.

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When did the Drifters release White Christmas?

White Christmas was intended to reunite Crosby and Fred Astaire for their third Irving Berlin showcase musical. Crosby and Astaire had previously co-starred in Holiday Inn (1942) – where the song “White Christmas” first appeared – and Blue Skies (1946).

What genre is White Christmas by The Drifters?

The cast performs the song “White Christmas” during the final scene in the film. … Bing Crosby, left, and Danny Kaye perform as singers Bob Wallace and Phil Davis in a scene from the film “White Christmas.” The two characters are Army pals turned singer/producers after World War II.

How old was Vera-Ellen when she became a Rockette?

Vera-Ellen started dancing at age 10. And at 18, she became one of the youngest Radio City Rockettes, performing in several Broadway shows before heading to Hollywood.

How old was Rosemary Clooney when she died?

Rosemary Clooney, whose warm, radiant voice placed her in the first rank of American popular singers for more than half a century, died Saturday night at her home in Beverly Hills. She was 74. The cause was complications from lung cancer, according to her spokeswoman, Linda Dozoretz.

How old is Crosby?

Dixie Lee died from ovarian cancer on November 1, 1952, three days before her 43rd birthday. She was interred in the Crosby plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California, after a Requiem High Mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills on November 3.