What is Mama’s dream for Travis?

Mama’s dream is to have a house for her family, a place in a nice neighborhood where they will be safe and comfortable. She wants her grandson Travis…

What is Travis Younger’s dream?

Since he is still young, his dream is made up of other peoples’ thoughts and visions for him. Although there are no specifics, it is clear that the family does not want Travis to be an adult laborer like his father. They want him to have a job that offers opportunities for respect and advancement.

What are mama’s dreams for her family for Travis for Vendetta for Walter?

She wants to build a happy family and believes one step toward this goal is to own a bigger and better place to live. Ruth’s dream is also deferred by a lack of money, which forces her and Walter to live in a crowded apartment where their son, Travis, must sleep on a sofa.

What is Mama’s dream in A Raisin in the Sun quote?

Mama’s Dream

But Lord, child, you should know all the dreams I had ’bout buying that house and fixing it up and making me a little garden in the back–And didn’t none of it happen,” reminisces Mama. Mr.

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What are mama’s dreams for beneatha?

Beneatha wants to go to medical school, her brother Walter wants to invest in a liquor store, and all Mama wants is a better life for her children. Mama’s dream is focused not on herself but on her family and their prospects for a brighter future.

What is George Murchison dream?

He’s looking for a woman to look good on his arm. While Beneatha fits his idea of what a woman should look like, George wants her to tone down all of that extra, you know, talking and thinking stuff.

Who reveals Ruth’s pregnancy to Walter?

Mama sits down with Walter who is upset by—and ashamed of—his poverty, his job as a chauffeur, and his lack of upward mobility. Finally, Mama tells him that Ruth is pregnant and that she fears that Ruth is considering having an abortion.

What is George’s dream in A Raisin in the Sun?

George’s dream in A Raisin in the Sun is for Beneatha to be a “… nice – simple – sophisticated girl… not a poet.” George wants Beneatha…

What is Ruth Younger dream quote?

Ruth’s dream in ‘A Raisin In The Sun’ is simply to build a better, and happy, family home. This quote shows her frustration at the conflicts in the family. 14. “Mama: Oh—So now it’s life.

What is mama’s role in A Raisin in the Sun?

Mama is Walter and Beneatha’s sensitive mother and the head of the Younger household. She demands that members of her family respect themselves and take pride in their dreams. Mama requires that the apartment in which they live always be neat and polished.

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Is Travis Mama’s son?

Travis Younger The ten-year-old son of Walter and Ruth Younger. … Walter Lee Younger In his middle thirties, he is the husband of Ruth, father of Travis, brother of Beneatha, and son of Lena (Mama) Younger.

What is Asagai’s dream in a raisin in the sun?

Asagai goes on to describe his dream: he wishes to return to Nigeria, bring back what he has learned, and share it with the people of his homeland so to improve their lives. In other words, Asagai believes in bringing modern advancements from Western society back to Africa to improve the quality of life there.

What is Beneatha Younger dream?

Beneatha Younger is one of the main characters in Lorraine Hansberry’s famous play A Raisin in the Sun. She is a college student who dreams of becoming a doctor and leaving behind the poverty and racism that ties her family down.