Best answer: What’s the meaning of name Gurdeep?

From Sanskrit गुरु (guru) meaning “teacher, guru” and दीप (dipa) meaning “lamp, light”.

What does Gurdeep mean?

Gurdeep is a Punjabi name for boys meaning Lamp of the Guru; Lamp of the teacher; Enlightened by the teacher.

What nationality is the name Gurdeep?

Gurdeep is an Indian given name, used by both sexes and predominantly by those who follow the religion of Sikhism. Notable people with the name include: Gurdeep Kohli, Indian television actress.

What is the meaning of Varinder name?

The gender of this name Varinder is Boy. … The meaning of this name is Lord of Oceans.

What is the meaning of Akku name?

Akku. Meaning. Nick Name; Sweet; Beautiful.

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