Frequent question: What does the name Haylee mean?

ha(y)-lee. Origin:British. Popularity:1485. Meaning:hay meadow.

Is Haylee a good name?

Haylee Origin and Meaning

Haylee dropped out of the Top 500 for the first time since 1992 recently, in step with a decline by Hailey (though the alternative Hadley is still near the Top 100). For some, Haylee is one E too many, but it reflects the broader popularity in -lee suffixes.

Where did the name Haylee originate from?

The name Haylee is a spelling variant of the surname “Hayley” which is derived from a place name. The surname was probably originated from Hailey in Oxfordshire, a county in the southeast region of England. Hayley comes from the Old English words “hēg” (meaning ‘hay’) and “lēah” (meaning ‘wood clearing’).

When was the name Haylee popular?

Its popularity peaked in the 1980s and early 1990s in the UK and (along with variants such as Haley and Hailey) in the 1990s and 2000s in the US, but since the 2000s has again declined significantly.

What does Haylee mean in the Bible?

I’ve found it in the Bible – Joshua 19:25. I’ve seen many different meanings for this name in various name books and websites: “meadow of hay”, “sea”, “hero(ine)”, “victorious woman” and “ingenious”.

Is Haylee a boy or girl name?

The name Haylee is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means From The Hay Clearing.

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