Question: What is the meaning of the name Henrietta?

Meaning. “home ruler” Other names. Related names. Harriet, Heinrich, Henry, Heiko, Heike, Henrik.

What is the biblical meaning of Henrietta?

What is the meaning of Henrietta ? Henrietta is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is German. Henrietta name meanings is Ruler of the household. Other similar sounding names can be Henriette.

What are nicknames for Henrietta?

Common Nicknames for Henrietta:

  • Etta.
  • Etty.
  • Hank.
  • Henny.
  • Nettie.
  • Retta.

How rare is the name Henrietta?

Henrietta was the 2400th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were only 72 baby girls named Henrietta. 1 out of every 24,320 baby girls born in 2020 are named Henrietta.

How old is the name Henrietta?

Henrietta Origin and Meaning

The name arrived in England in 1625 via King Charles I’s wife, the French princess Henriette Marie, who became known as Henrietta Maria. Her daughter shared her name but was known as Minette.

Is Henrietta a good name?

The name Henrietta came into wider use in England due to her. Henrietta is a feminine given name, derived from the male name Henry. … Both Henrietta and Harriet were ranked in the top 1,000 most popular names for girls in the United States during the 1960s.

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What is the meaning of the name Henry?

Henry is a very common French name for boys. It’s believed to be derived from the French name Henri, which in turn is thought to be derived from the name Heimeric, an old German name that means “house ruler.” The name is made up of two parts: “Heim,” which means home and “Ric,” which means ruler.

Is Henri a male or female name?

The name Henri is primarily a male name of French origin that means Ruler Of The Home.

Is Hetty short for Henrietta?

A short form of Henrietta, which is a Female form of Henry, from the Germanic heim, meaning “home” and ric, meaning “power, ruler”.

Is Hattie short for Henrietta?

Harriet is a female name. … The male name Henry was first used in England by Normans. Popular nicknames for Harriet include Hattie, Hatty, Hetty, Hettie, Hennie, Harry, Harri, Harrie, and Etta or Ettie. The name can be lengthened to Harrietta, Henriette, or Henrietta.

What are good names for chickens?

Fun Chicken Names

  • Bradley Coop-er.
  • Hen Solo.
  • Cluck Vader.
  • Princess Lay-a.
  • Jaba the hen.
  • Big Bird.
  • Hilary Fluff.
  • Dora the eggs-plorer.

What is the nickname for Henry?

There are a few dashing nicknames for Henry like Harry, a darling choice for Potter fans, and Hank, a precious nickname who’s woefully underused. There’s also Hal, another rarely heard gem. Variants of the name include Henrik, Hendrik, and Hendry. Music lovers could stretch it further with Hendrix as well.

What is the meaning of the name Gertrude?

Gertrude (also spelled Gertrud) is a female given name which is derived from Germanic roots that meant “spear” and “strength”. … In German-speaking countries, Gertraud (pronounced Ger-trowt) is a familiar variation of the name.

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How do you pronounce Henriette?

Phonetic spelling of Henriette

  1. h-EH-n-r-ee-EH-t.
  2. Hen-ri-ette.
  3. hen-ri-ette. Myrtis Altenwerth.
  4. On-REE-et. -1 rating rating ratings.

Is Winifred a good name?

Winifred was a relatively high ranking name in the 19th century right on up through the 1920s (a Top 200 favorite). By mid-century, however, old Winifred was fast losing her popularity. In fact, the last time this name could claim Top 1000 status in America was in 1965.

What does the name Josephine mean?

Josephine is a female given name. It is the English version of the French name Joséphine. … The feminine form of the name Joseph, which is taken from the Hebrew name Yosef, meaning “(YHWH) shall grow.”