What is the meaning of the name Kayleigh?

ka(y)-lei-gh. Origin:Irish. Popularity:871. Meaning:slim and fair.

What does Kayleigh stand for?

The meaning of Kayleigh is ‘keeper of the keys’ or ‘pure’ in American English. In Irish, the name means ‘slender’ or ‘slim and fair’. ‘Kayleigh’ is the name of a song by Marillion released on the album ‘Misplaced Childhood’.

Is Kayleigh a good name?

Kayleigh is probably the most fanciful spelling of this family of names with the “leigh” suffix. It makes the name ultra-feminine. Today, Kayleigh has not reached the Top 200 list of favorite girl names, but collectively with her many spelling variations; the “Kay-lee” names are exceptionally popular.

What is the origin of the name Kayleigh?

A form of Kayley, which is from the Irish surname from the Irish Gaelic caol, meaning “slender”.

What is the Irish for Kayleigh?

Kayleigh in Irish is Caoileann.

What kind of name is Kayleigh?

The name Kayleigh is primarily a female name of American origin that means Who Is Like God?. Alternate spelling of CHAELI which is a short form of MICHAELA.

When did the name Kayleigh become popular?

Kayleigh was almost unheard of as a name for girls in Scotland before Marillion released their single of the same name in 1985. But in the early 1990s, there were 200 babies being given the name every year.

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How rare is the name Kayleigh?

Kayleigh Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2017 387 0.0535%
2018 436 0.0478%
2019 467 0.0439%
2020 438 0.0514%

Is Kayleigh a girl or boy name?

The name Kayleigh is a girl’s name.

How do you spell Kayleigh?

Kailee is not one of the more popular spellings of the “Kaylee” family of female names. Kaylee is by far and away the most preferred spelling followed by (in order of popular usage): Kayleigh, Kailey, Kaylie, Caylee, Kailee, Kaleigh, Caleigh and Kayley.

What are nicknames for Kayleigh?

Nicknames: Kay, Kat, Lei.

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