What name means care?

What name means caring?

Traditional Names Meaning Compassion

  • Anna (Hebrew, English): ‘gracious and merciful’.
  • Clemence (English, French): ‘mercy, compassion’.
  • Jeanne (Hebrew, French): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • John (Hebrew, English): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • Ian (Scottish; Hebrew): ‘God had been merciful’.
  • Hannah (Hebrew): ‘God is merciful’.

What name means kindness?

Most Popular Names That Mean Kind

  • Adelaide (Germanic) Directly meaning noble kind, Adelaide is associated with kindness and courtesy.
  • Agatha (Greek) Agatha means good woman and she is kind at heart.
  • Mercy (English) An old fashioned name that is making a comeback, Mercy is kind and just.

Is care a name?

The Anglo-Saxon name Care comes from when the family resided at the carr, or low lying meadow. … The Old English translation is brushwood or wet ground. This surname was given to a person who resided near these physical features.

What name means pure heart?

Cristal (Greek origin) one of the names that means “a pure hearted person”.

What name means cuddly?

Dog Names Meaning Cuddly in Pop Culture

The role of Precious is played by Darla the Dog, whose name also can be connected to the word “cuddly”, meaning dearling or darling. Darla was born in 1975, a Bichon Frise animal actress who is best known for her role as “Precious” in this movie.

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What name means God restores?

Rafael (Hebrew origin), meaning “God has healed” and remains one of the most famous names since it spans many generations and cultures.

What name means gentle spirit?

67. Jing (Chinese): This name means still, quiet and gentle. It is also one of few names that mean gentle spirit.

What name means heart?

Names with Heart: Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Angelica Angelic Latin
Ariceli Altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker Latin
Ariel Lion of God Hebrew
Athena Wise Greek
Audra Noble strength English

What girl name means kindness?

Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind:

  • Adalie – Means “kind or kind-hearted person.
  • Adalina – Means “of a noble kind”
  • Adalira – Means “kind person”
  • Adeline – Means “kind-hearted person”
  • Adella – Means “the brightness of kindness”
  • Adalyn – Means “noble and kind”
  • Agatha – Means “kind- hearted woman”
  • Ailia – Means “light”

What name means gift of love?

Xaria means “gift of love.” In the Bible, Zebedee was the father of Jesus’ disciples James and John.

What name means forever loved?

Amara is a stylish name meaning ‘lovely forever’. It has a Greek origin and will be perfect for your pretty princess.

What does the last name care mean?

English: occupational name for a locksmith, Middle English keyere, kayer, an agent derivative of keye ‘key’ (from Old English c? g). Probably an Americanized form of German Kehr or Gehr.