Your question: What is the meaning of the name Flavia?

Flavia is an Ancient Roman name meaning “blonde” from the Latin word “flavus”, meaning “golden, blonde”. It is a feminine form of the Roman family name Flavius. The name is most commonly used in Italy, Romania, Brazil (Portuguese: Flávia) and in Spanish-speaking countries.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Flavia?

Flavia name meanings is Golden-haired woman. People search this name as Biblical meaning of flavia.

Is Flavia a good name?

The name Flavia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “golden, blond”. An ancient Roman clan name, Flavia is one choice that’s unusual but historic. Now a Top 60 name in Italy, Flavia has been a rarity in the US, but with the upswing in F names for girls, this could change.

Where is the name Flavio from?

Flavio (Italian: [ˈflaːvjo], Spanish: [ˈflaβjo]) is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese masculine given name, equivalent to Flavius in Latin, Flavi in Catalan, and Flávio in Portuguese.

Is Piera an Italian name?

The name Piera is of Greek origin. This is a name traditionally given to girls. The meaning of Piera is ‘rock or stone’. The name Piera has several variations in Italian and Greek.

Where is Flavia?

Porto Flavia is a sea harbor located near Nebida in the Iglesias comune of South Sardinia in Italy. Built in 1923–24, it served as the mineral production hub of Masua in the west coast of the Sardinian Iglesiente area. It is named after Flavia Vecelli, the daughter of the harbor’s engineer and designer Cesare Vecelli.

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Who owns Flavia?

FLAVIA is a hot beverage system that prepares single servings of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinks. The brand was owned by Mars Drinks, a division of Mars, Incorporated until October 1, 2018 when Lavazza purchased Mars’s coffee units. Flavia competes with Keurig’s K-Cup system.

What is the English version of Flavio?

Flavio means “blonde”, “yellow-haired” (from Latin “flavus”).

What does the name Fabio mean?

a. Fabio is a popular name of Italian origin. This name descends from the Latin name Fabius and the anglicized version is Fabian. The meaning of Fabio translates to ‘a bean grower’, ‘a bean farmer’, derived from the Latin word ‘faba’, translating to ‘bean’.

Where does the name Piera come from?

The name Piera is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means Rock.